Born and raised in South Florida, Mr. ME has always had a love for music. Growing up between the Tri county area of Miami – Dade, Broward, and his home Palm Beach County, music has been one of the most influential part of Mr. ME’s life. 

Music for some is just a white noise to drown out things they don’t want to hear, for some it’s an energy boost to get them through their workout. For Mr. ME it was more than noise playing through the speakers. Music was a second heart that kept ME going through the good and the troubled times. 

Growing up as a kid and teenager, ME knew that music was the direction he wanted to go and would spend countless nights up pretending he was on stage singing his favorite music artist, which at times pissed his family and neighbors off but it wasn’t until one day when someone asked him to fix an old-school mixer and microphone that would change his life forever. 

Quickly learning the basics on many of today’s industries standards, Mr. ME realized that despite the fact he started only doing Rap and Hip-Hop music, that above all he is an ARTIST. An artist doesn’t paint the same picture or scene over and over, which lead ME to start venturing into R&B, Pop, Dubstep, and other genres of music. This change not only gained attention of many new fans, but also took him from only seeing sells and stream in the US to around the world. 

Today ME is on every major music streaming platform, has five songs licensed for TV / Commercial use, and has a fire to grow and become someone you have never heard before. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to Mr. ME